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Goalie Policy

* If an age level has more than one team, anyone playing goalie is invited to play in other age level squads' games at different field position (attack, midfield, defense)

* If a goalie does not have all required equipment, PRYL will provide a neck guard, chest protector and stick

* At U9 and U11 we encourage all players to try the goalie position

* Each age level will do their best to identify at least two goalies per team

* If an age level has one team, the goalies should alternate halves or alternate games (exception of U15-more scenario based)

* If an age level has one team and only one goalie, a team may inquire with a lower age level to "Play UP"-But only with player/parent consent



We ask that each player and parent review our S.T.A.R.S. core values statement and pledge to represent Pine-Richland Youth Lacrosse accordingly in the true spirit of the game.


Sportsmanship - honor the game and opponent through dedication

                        to fair play

Teamwork - put the needs of the team first for greater benefit

Attitude -   maintain positive ethic and 100% effort in all we do

Respect -   treat officials, opponents, teammates and family with

                utmost appreciation

Skill Development - commitment to constantly improving our

                             strengths and weaknesses  



Top 10 Reasons to TRY Pine Richland Youth Lacrosse TODAY

# 10 - Ample Playing Time: fast-paced action, significant practice time, and PRYL development philosophy fosters player participation

# 9 - Non-Stop Action: game stops only when the ball goes out of bounds, and much like hockey, substitution is frequent and on the fly

# 8 - Anyone Can Play Regardless of Size or Stature: the game rewards coordination, agility, heart, and team play…not necessarily size

# 7 - Everyone Touches the Ball: much like Hockey, Soccer, and Basketball it takes every position and a team effort to move the ball successfully

# 6 - Helps Become a More Dynamic Athlete in Other Sports: Agility, Hand/Eye Coordination, Speed, Teamwork, and many more skills are honed

# 5 - Many Pre-season Opportunities for a Headstart: PRYL Voluntary Practices and Clinics (Jan/Feb) help players get up to speed prior to outdoor practice

# 4 - You Can Practice by Yourself: from "wall ball" to a stick in your hand around the house…you don't always need a partner or a net

# 3 - Great Way to Get In Shape or Keep in Shape: whether for another sport or just to improve your fitness

# 2 - Core Values: Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Attitude, Respect, Skill Development (S.T.A.R.S) guide our players on and off the field

# 1 - Fun: the game itself and all it has to offer, excitement of trying something new, and many friends and opportunities that lie ahead                                                                                                                                              

Did you know?

* Lacrosse is the fastest growing team sport in America as well as the oldest known team sport in North America -- Native American origin

* PRYL and PRHS Varsity Lacrosse have aligned to apply consistent techniques, terminology, and philosophies to enhance player and program development

* Robert Morris University will be working closely with our players throughout the season providing Division I player coaches as well as additional instruction

* Lacrosse is primarily a Spring sport, however, in the Pittsburgh area there are Winter, Summer, and Fall opportunities for league play, clinics, or specialized training

* If you have any questions about equipment requirements, starter packages, or inquiries for used items you contact any PRYL Board Member (see www.PRLAX.com)


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